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We're Turning 5!

In 2012, I had three little boys under 5, and I was crazy. I say this quite openly. I was in the seemingly endless loop of Groundhog Day that is life at home with small children. And we were having a shocking year. I still shudder when I think of my life at that time; but I miss it all at once.

We were dubbed "Worst Luck Family" that year according to my GP, and the Triage Nurse at the hospital recognised me when I arrived in an ambulance with my boy who had croup ("Oh, hon, you've had a rough year, haven't you?!"). I'd heard every joke about Family Services knocking on my door, and a reserved parking space for us at Lady Cilento. 

But somehow, between Teenie operating and working full time in her other business, and me in the midst of all of my family chaos, we started with just an idea brewing, to bring a lovely children's shop to the neighbourhood. We'd come to In A Pickle for a coffee, and noticed a recently vacant tenancy. The next 6weeks were a whirlwind of sourcing and ordering products, and before we knew what we were in for, we had opened the doors to Teenie & Tiny. This November will be our 5th birthday!

Teenie & Tiny Camp Hill

Over the last 5 years, you have so openly welcomed us into your life, just as we have welcomed you into our family. We are excited to learn your pregnancy news and new baby arrivals. Teenie loves to share stories about her grandchildren, funny things they've done, what they love to play with. We love watching our little friends coming into the store with you, and noticing how much they have grown each time. We celebrate their birthdays and milestones with you. Many of your babies were new bubbas in prams during those first years when we were finding our feet. My babies were our original product testers. They grew up in the back room, playing at our feet while Mum & I ordered stock and paid bills.

Teenie & Tiny Turns 5

We can't believe how far we've come since we first opened our doors. That first day, one lady popped her head into the store and asked if we were having a closing down sale. Imagine our horror! Looking back now on these photos of our early days, I can't believe how much we have grown and evolved, but we've also stayed true to our philosophy about making childhood memorable.

Teenie & Tiny

Teenie & Tiny Turns 5     

Since opening, we have more than doubled our entire product range. We've seen brands come and go. We've tried new directions, failed at some, succeeded with others. We've sponsored community events like school carnivals and kindy garden parties. We've hosted art classes, a fairy party book launch and kindy fundraising shopping nights. We've introduced customer loyalty and launched a webstore. We are embedded within our local community and we love it. 

Teenie & Tiny Hosted Book Launch

You drive what we do. We listen to you. We take on board your feedback when we are making decisions about what we buy - which new products or brands to stock, and others that may not work as well for you. We gift wrap with love, and honestly do a happy dance when you shop with us.

So on our 5th birthday, we say THANK! YOU! Thank you for growing with us. Thank you for shopping with us. Thank you for being our Teenie & Tiny family.

xx Katina & Annetta

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