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Memorable Moments for Mother's Day

Every year, around about this time, I begin wracking my brains, scouring Insta, feeling the anguish that is searching for a thoughtful gift for Mother's Day. Teenie is pretty easy to please, she will be happy with a facial or a hand cream. Blah. Pamering is lovely but it becomes a little uninspiring year after year. And it doesn't begin to say thanks for being such a strong, thoughtful, funny and generous mum!

But this year, I stumbled across a bit of a winner for a gift.


My lovely friend Lannie, is an awesome photographer. I had the good fortune to meet her 9 years ago, when I was given a voucher for a photo shoot. Lannie showed up on our doorstep, and took so many gorgeous photos we genuinely couldn't choose and ended up blowing way past our budget. We went back to Lannie each time we had another baby (phew! we stopped at 3!), and she has always delivered to us moments that capture our babies as they will never be again.


And this year, she has captured some fun, funny, heart warming moments of Teenie & all her Tiny grandkids. Mum knows about the photoshoot obviously, but hasn't seen the finished product yet. I know, when it holds pride of place in her home, that she will find her eyes always drawn to the photo, and her face will smile at the memories of being with her grandbabies on that day. 


Lovely Lannie is an energetic, vivacious and passionate photographer. I generally don't like a Q&A format for this kind of thing, but her answers are so beautiful, I had to present them here in their entirety! 


Q&A with Lannie:


How do you know you’ve captured that memorable moment?

The memorable moment is about 125 / sec. ! Sorry getting geeky here. It's fleeting. When I'm documenting a family or kids everything I capture is about encompassing a true documentation of who you are as a family.  By making the process fun and relaxed. I know every little moment captured is the moment because it's authentically you.


What do you love most about what you see through the lens?

I love seeing the pure bond between family. It's a very intimate thing to be apart off. And I feel very blessed that so many families allow me to be apart of telling their story so intimately through my lens / camera. It's a real sense of trust and no matter how

Many families I photograph every time before I shoot I get excited to meet the family and Spend time with them. 


In what situations do you capture the best family shots?

Home environment - I have always loved documenting families in their home. Not only are the families comfortable but the surroundings and how they family play and interact tell an extra level of their family story  and this particular time in their life. Which I think completes the family tale so to speak. 


What’s the significance to you, of capturing family moments professionally compared with on our own?

The significance of me shooting is allowing the whole family to be at play. No-one has any jobs to do but spend time with each other and allow the moments to happen. Without someone having to take ( the photos ) or the kids be aware of what your doing. With me there, as a professional photographer, it allows for pure interaction & true documentation of the family story. 


Lannie has a lovely Mother's Day gift promotion on her website where she will be donating her photo shoot fees to Footprints for Brain Cancer. 


Mother's Day with Master Photographer Lannie
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