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 “Lots of chocolate for me to eat...oh wouldn’t it be loverly.”

“Lots of chocolate for me to eat...oh wouldn’t it be loverly.” 🎶🎵 🐰

(Wouldn’t it be Loverly, My Fair Lady)

Contributed by Kate Zavros Bode

Easter week has arrived! As the beautiful cooler weather and reduced humidity envelop us, relief washes over many of us too. The long summer season is over, term 1 is done and dusted, and the chance to breathe and relax with our beloved teeny and tiny ones now is in the air...with the holiday promise of renewal of spirit as well as CHOCOLATE to savour!

What though, when the chocolate frenzy threatens to overwhelm little tummies, emotions and minds....how much chocolate is too much? It might pay to be armed with some back-up ideas for the distinct possibility of excess chocolate Easter eggs. Dare I say it....you may want some ideas to decrease the haul, rather than leaving them to roll around the fridge causing more prolonged chocolate custody battles and tears. Included as ingredients in other treat recipes they pose slightly less of a direct threat of cavities and nasty sugar rushes too, right?! (and can maybe be frozen for use in lunchboxes in the new term)

Try some of these recipe ideas from a couple of my fave Pommy chefs: Nigel Slater and Jamie Oliver. I reckon between them, The Guardian and Jamie have nailed it.

How about Leftover Easter Egg Brownies, chocolate pancakes, choc-mint ice-cream, cinnamon choc chip friands, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cups and nests, pigs in mud pie (!) and even bacon-chocolate truffles to name a few! Check out Jamie’s Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies, Epic Chocolate and Beetroot Cake, more Chocolate Chip Cookies, Vegan Pots, and luscious dessert recipes for Chocolate Tiramisu and Flourless Chocolate Cake. Or another dessert idea - left-over hot cross bun bread-and-butter pudding, if your freezer is overflowing. Yum!  (It is finally safe to turn your oven on without turning the air-conditioning on as well.)

Here are a few suggestions to remember when melting chocolate:

  • keep a close eye on it (as in, do not step away from that saucepan)
  • don’t overheat
  • try taking it off the heat as it starts to melt, then continue to stir off the heat
  • some cooks advocate using metal spoons over wooden to stir melting chocolate
  • adding a touch of coconut oil or butter can help it to flow if you strike clagging chocolate.
  • If you must use the microwave, be very patient, and use super short bursts of 10 second intervals, on low-medium heat.




Let us know below if you have any other ideas for using up Easter chocolate ❤️

Easter @ Teenie & Tiny (image courtesy Lannie Photography)

(Image courtesy Lannie Photography) 





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